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Platina Price

14K Rose$83.54
18K Green$106.14
18K White$106.05
950 Platinum$71.03
14K White$82.84
18K Pd White$115.92
18K Yellow$106.05
Sterling Silver$3.52
14K Yellow$82.84
18K Rose$106.33
22K Yellow$134.80
950 Palladium$62.33

Metals Market

Precious Metals


Personalized CAD Services

We can combine elements from different rings to create a completely unique design, or take a design you've seen elsewhere and make modifications to make it uniquely yours.

Jewelry designers and small manufacturers are no longer required to manage an inventory of models and molds, nor is there a need for you to have model-makers on staff. We successfully eliminated these expenses by opening the Platina CAD Department to the trade, on demand!

Send us your ideas, paper-napkin sketches, incomplete CAD designs or renderings – we will dedicate one of our highly experienced CAD jewelry designers to work with you online or in person and complete your project on time and with perfection.

When done, your CAD designs will be ready for printing, modeling, mold making, resizing and eventually casting and manufacturing. Use our expertise exclusively for CAD or take advantage of our one-stop-manufacturing service – the choice is always yours.


Lost Wax Casting with a Modern Twist

Platina employees know that their job is not done until after a happy consumer wears the jewelry made from our castings.

The art of precious metals casting is the cornerstone of jewelry production. A good casting almost guarantees ultimate success of the production process, controls finishing costs downstream and improves sell-through.

Platina casters combine EXPERIENCE with TECHNOLOGY, PROCESS CONTROL, PREMIER ALLOYS and DEDICATION, to provide the jewelry trade with casting services that are second to none.

Our precious metal alloys have been time-tested to be the best in each category, and we always have the right alloy to fit your needs: from Platinum to Silver. Try one!

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Who We Are

Formerly a casting division of Sasha Primak Jewelry,
Platina was built on philosophy of always putting customers first.

Since opening its doors to the Jewelry trade in 1995 Platina has become a premier destination for precious metals casting, successfully servicing hundreds of jewelry manufacturers, designers and retailers nationwide.

Our name means PLATINUM in Spanish, but our casting scope includes all popular colors and purities of Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. Our alloys are the best available in every category of metals; chances are we can improve your manufacturing just by recommending a better alloy. And if we don’t have the color of the metal you want - we may develop it just for you.

We are technologically savvy, easily accessible and ready to tackle the challenges of the 21st Century. Our casting services are unique in scope and flexibility. While many customers trust us with their complete manufacturing process, some call just for casting, printing, CAD or finishing.

Working with us is easy: we stand behind everything we do.


529 5th Ave
15th floor
New York, NY 10017
T: 800.401.7257
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